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The Wallflower a botanical wire study of ivy presented on a contemporary canvas. Brass wire and acrylic paint. Large 2 foot by 4 foot canvas. Artist from North Yorkshire Staithes Hinderwell Whitby Runswick York

A collection of wire botanical studies presented on contemporary canvasses.

"To begin I choose the flora and study its structure; preferably with a physical cutting. Next I decide the size and work through the composition - where the wire will lay... what space can I texturise... how do I balance this with calmer areas of the canvas. 

I then prime the surface and start building texture, once dried I build up individual layers of paint from the darkest to the lightest colour desired, this creates depth and areas of interest throughout the canvas.

For the botanical study I take the outline of the flora and begin to work the wire into shape, I can then use finer wire to replicate its detail anatomically. This is then fixed onto the completed painting to create The Wallflower

I hope to expand my collection by creating further studies as I have always been drawn to nature, I enjoy the elegance and form that flora provides." 

The Wallflower

No.1 Fern Study, 2023

Enquires and commissions welcome.

No.1 Ivy Study, 2022

Enquires and commissions welcome.

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