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Emma Yeoman is a figurative artist. Inspired by her local North Yorkshire Moors, Emma’s practice continuously responds to her interaction with nature and is influenced by the structure of flora. The Wallflower collection is a series of botanical wire studies presented on contemporary canvasses; impressions of living flora in primer are reflected in the woven wire botanical overlays. She carefully manipulates wire to define the subject’s edge and uses finer wire to highlight key features. A technique that Emma has transferred into metal bar to produce large-scale botanical sculptures. Her previous experience of using material such as wire, plaster and clay enabled Emma to consider the therapeutic effects of making art when using a direct hand-to-medium approach, allowing the mind to transition into an intimate, therapeutic space. An avenue Emma will explore further when beginning her Master’s in Art Psychotherapy.

Emma's love of art goes back to her early childhood, thanks to her Grandma Joan's encouragement and ongoing support. 

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